Welcome to Goharbafan Production Group

In 1991 Goharbafan was established by family partnership in the area of 40,000 sqm and later on expanded to 67,000 sqm with 45,000 sqm of covered area.

The manufacturing process began with production of warp knitting fabric for the purpose of supporting Iran automotive industry requirements of seat cover. In the first following decade of 21st century, Goharbafan extended the range of products to weft circular fabric, woven fabric; and as the result the Group could maintain long term relationship with customers. In the pursuit of supply chain development, we established cut and sew department in 2002. On the other hand, for the aim of achieving highest quality standard expectations, the Group has set up well equipped laboratory facilities which has been recognizable through the region ever since and will continue to self-improve to always fit into world’s newest technologies and standards.

Goharbafan has received highest scores and certificates from car manufacturers and has put great effort to maintain and improve quality to create perfect experience for our precious customers.